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The American Dream

Women for many years have suffered for their rights. Women, have tried for many years to get their own rights. To be treated as an equal.
Men for generations have had it their way. It was time that women became equal to men in the 1900's. In the Mid-19th century, for several generations women of the suffrage supporters lectured, wrote, marched and practiced civil disobedience, to achieve a radical change in the Constitution.
The woman's suffrage began in the 1800's. Women started to picket to win the right to vote, however, it took them decades just to accomplish their purpose.  


   You may think that only women have been after having rights, well, not everyone wanted them to have the right to vote.. or any other rights that a man would have.
        Men would actaully fight back to not have women rights. Men would particpate in vigil's, marches, ceremonies... etc...


The 19th Amendment:

guarantees all American women the right to vote. The final victory for women was in 1920. In 1878 was when the amendment was first introduced to the Congress. On Aug 18, 1920 it was ratified.

By 1912, nine western states had adopted the Women Suffrage Legislation.In 1916 was when most of the big suffrages were behind the constitutional amendment Once New York adopted the Woman Suffrage in 1917, President Wilson Woodrow changed his decision in support towards the Woman's suffrage in 1918.

In the begining of the 19th century, several generations of Woman Suffrage supporters lectured, wrote, marched, and practiced civil disobedience. White women were not the only supporters though. There were also some men. Frederick Douglass, a former slave and leader of the abolition movement. By 1877, when he was U.S. marshal for the District of Columbia, Douglass's family was also involved in the movement. His son, Frederick Douglass, Jr., and daughter, Mrs. Nathan Sprague, and son-in-law, Nathan Sprague, all signed this petition to the U.S. Congress for woman suffrage ". . . to prohibit the several States from Disfranchising United States Citizens on account of Sex."
       White women and white men were just the few that wanted the rights. Black women had also wnated the right to vote. They had believed and thought "that if white women needed the vote to protect their rights, then black women -- victims of racism as well as sexism -- needed the ballot even more. "

People Who Supported
One of the supports were; Stanton and Anthon, were the first ones to organize National Woman Suffrage Association. ((NWSA)). In May of 1869. The Republican Party was very knit with the NWSA, so by state by state they had each state enabling the right for women to vote.
     In 1848 Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lucretia Mott organized the forst women's Rights convention in Semeca Falls, NY,and launched the woman suffrage movement.
   EXAMPLE: Susan B. Anothony had registered and voted in the 1872 election in Rochester, NY. She was arrested for "knowingly, wrongfully and unlawfully noting for a represebtative to the Congress of the United States." She was fined for $100. She said she would never pay, and she didn't. On January 12, 1874, Anthony petitioned the Congress of the United States requesting "That the fine imposed upon your petitioner be remitted, as an expression of the sense of this high tribunal that her conviction was unjust. "





The Ratification of the 9th Admentment:
     Illinois, Wisconsin, and Michigan were the first states to ratify it.  On August 18, 1920, it appeared that Tennessee had ratified the amendment. Final adoption.
        On May 21, 1919, the House of Representattives passed the amendment and 2 weeks later, the Senate had followed. Tennessee became the 36th stae to ratify the amendment on August 18, 1920.